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Thrilled To Announce Ascendify Aspire

Posted by Matt Hendrickson | Talent Management, AI | No Comments

Today’s the day we’re announcing Ascendify Aspire to the world. Aspire is our AI-powered app that helps people at large companies chart a career path while aligning talent to the company’s business initiatives.

We developed Aspire in close partnership with GE and Cisco  so that we could intelligently guide employees through each step of their career growth and development. You can learn more about how GE uses Ascendify as part of their Digital Transformation (internally known as My Integrated Talent Management) here and as well as Cisco (code-named My Development Space) here.  

We built Aspire because every company wants to give their people the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential. Yet, most employees don’t know where to go, how to get started, nor whom to connect with, which leads to low engagement and low morale. Alternatively, nothing is more motivating to employees than visualizing a path for growth and advancement. Aspire enables every employee to accelerate their career development, with an intelligent career assistant that provides the guidance to help them there.

The benefits are obvious. Aspire ensures top performers are engaged, energized and stay longer. When they see a future internally, they're less likely to look externally. And, with a career path identified, employees know exactly which skills to develop and have the motivation to self-initiate learning. Uplifts in skills increase productivity and drive business value.

Moreover, the company develops valuable talent insights: what skills (and gaps) exist in the company, what interests and passions employees have, which employees are at risk of leaving, and what new skills need to be added to help companies modernize, such as to enable a Digital Transformation).

Ascendify Aspire gets to know people, helps them identify gaps, then recommends a career path.Then the assistant recommends learning assets (books, videos, articles), people (colleagues, mentors, coaches) and even stretch projects that can help them get there. Best of all, because it’s built with machine learning and predictive analytics, Ascendify’s recommendations get smarter and more intelligent with every use.

I’m extremely proud of the Ascendify team that built this alongside our client partners, and I’d love for you to see it in action.

First, please watch the video we made - and if you like what you see, contact us to schedule a demo.


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